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The Solar Street light consists of the following

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Solar Panels: Solar panel is known as Photovoltaic cell which uses light energy from the Sun to convert solar energy into electricity. This electricity can be used to run many applications.

LED light: LED light which is used in solar street lights, emits brighter light with low energy consumption. A single LED will emit less light than compact fluorescent or incandescent. But a set of LEDs give brighter light than other lamps.

Rechargeable battery: These batteries are used for storing electricity received by the solar panel during daytime, and it provides electricity at night.

Controller: Controller is used to control when to switch on and switch off the street lights. It also controls battery from undercharging and overcharging. It consists of MCU, secondary power supply and battery charger, etc.

Pole: For every street light, 12 Feet pole is required so that some components like batteries, fixtures, and panels can be mounted.

Interconnecting cables: Battery box, LED light, and the solar panel are mounted on the top of pole and they are connected through interconnected cables. A PV module is connected with a controller and it is connected with battery and LED lamps. Size of the cable depends on current, how much it is used and the pole size.

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